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Ryan Collins
September 24, 2011 | Ryan Collins

Macro, Meso and Microclimates

In any given vintage there is talk about the macroclimate but the day-to-day considerations and efforts to farm the best quality fruit deal with the meso and microclimates. The meso and microclimates dictate how each site is farmed, taking into consideration the climactic characteristics that make each site unique. There are three spatial scales that are generally recognized: Macro, Meso and Mircroclimates.  Continue »

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A to Z Wineworks
September 14, 2011 | A to Z Wineworks

Men are routinely stupid: why white wine gets the Heisman

He Said: Men are, most assuredly, pretty ridiculous.... She Said: The evolution of the American palate has much to do with gender.  Continue »

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A to Z Wineworks
September 7, 2011 | A to Z Wineworks

Food & Wine Pairing Is For Jerks, Right?

He Said: Culinary genius is spawned of centuries of trial and error using the simplest ingredients in myriad ways, many of which were pretty lousy, like Spam or Chipped Beef. One need only to look at how many French dishes are basically scrambled eggs gone wrong to realize that the good ones stick around. So try a plump white wine with an arugula salad or black olives with marshmallows and see what comes of it.... She Said: Food and wine pairing isn't for jerks, it's just not something that needs to be so dang complicated.  Continue »

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Bill Hatcher
September 6, 2011 | Bill Hatcher

Failure by Committee

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.” A marketing organization with which I am familiar recently averred this maxim in its search for a new director.  Continue »

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