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Ryan Collins
May 26, 2011 | Ryan Collins

Growth and Cover Crops

Budbreak finished about 2 weeks ago and we are starting to see some leaves unfold and inflorescence becoming visible.  Continue »

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A to Z Wineworks
May 25, 2011 | A to Z Wineworks

AVA’s: How many is too many?

He Said: There are currently 199 American Viticultural Areas approved in the US by the TTB, with many more seemingly on the way. 112 of those AVA's are located in winemaking mega-state, California. This is enough until something significant changes.... She Said: While I do think that there is some snobbery and certainly no shortage of marketing involved in the distinction of AVAs, I also think that the regional (and sub-regional) breakdown of winegrowing areas is a practice that can, and should, continue.  Continue »

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