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The Essence Of Oregon Pinot Noir

The Essence Of Oregon Pinot Noir

A to Z has worked over the years with more than 100 Oregon vineyards, noting different profiles within each region, soil type, elevation and aspect. Individual vineyard sites result in different fruit, tannin and acidity profiles. The 2021 A to Z 'The Essence of Oregon' Pinot Noir is a blend of the most select fruit from ten different Oregon vineyards and tended as 15 different fermentations. After aging in small French oak barrels, the result is a single cuvée crafted to show an Oregon vintage at its best.

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Pairs Well With

A pretty, versatile wine that will pair neatly with most proteins cooked in a wide variety of styles, as well as earthy, and rustic vegetables, and bright-red to black fruits like cherry, cranberry, or plum.

Fuller-bodied seafood like Salmon, Halibut, or Trout
All manner of pork
Grilled meats and vegetables from chicken to venison
Braised meats and stews
Root vegetables and mushrooms, especially mushrooms
Learn to like duck. Duck is fantastic with Pinot Noir. Make a cherry gastrique and add it to the duck. You will become the food and wine hero of the universe.

Cream/ butter-based, fonds, reductions, gastrique, fumes, roux-based, tomato-based

Recommended Recipe

Short Ribs Braised with Aromatic Vegetables & Red Wine

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