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A to Z Bubbles

A to Z Bubbles

Blended to be fun and delicious regardless of glassware or setting. OREGONICALLY GROWN®.

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Tasting Notes

A delicate, pale coral in the glass, the A to Z Wineworks Rose Bubbles is friendly and lively from the start. Aromatics burst from the glass, including tropical fruits (passionfruit, orange, guava, starfruit), luscious pear, honeydew melon, bruised strawberries, and tangerine creamsi­cle, as well as a summery floral bouquet including apple blossom and rose petal. The palate greets with a fine perlage of bubbles and initial notes of red grapefruit and cherries, followed closely on the mid-palate with apples, quince, strawberry, tangerine, orange zest, white peach and a hint of rose petals. The aromas and flavors echo from start to finish with impeccable acidity balanced with fruit sweetness. Vibrant and juicy, the A to Z Wine­ works Rose Bubbles is a refreshing delight

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