About Hadley Hatcher
Artist in Residence 2021

Artist Bio: 

A pandemic furlough from Hatcher’s career in the music industry allowed her to return from Los Angeles to finally work an A to Z harvest in Oregon. After completing the required harvest internship, this prolific, self-taught painter applied to continue her work as the winery’s second Artist-in-Residence. A lifelong artist, she focused on photography when she was younger but has shifted her creative focus to devote more time to painting in recent years, as captured below in her studio by A to Z’s first Artist-in-Residence, Adrian Chitty.



Artist Statement: 

Art has always been a part of my life.  Both my parents studied Art History and my mom is an artist who lectured on art for six years.  Looking at art at home, in museums, books, and studios was natural, and I was always challenged to see more.  At one point, I considered professional photography as a path and have been painting in earnest for five years but chose to keep my creative endeavors for my pleasure.


During this tumultuous time, I am thankful for the ability to bring more art to the community. It also afforded me the opportunity to consider a more direct response to the vineyards and winemaking that have been a key part of my life. 


While all creativity stems from our connection with nature, I am particularly drawn to working with color and form abstractly in both paint and photography.